Monday, January 26, 2009

New ESH CD sent for pressing!

Well, well ... it's that exciting time and we're thrilled to say that the new ESH CD "Audio Gothic" has been sent for pressing .. bar no mess up, the CD should be out and available to buy in February ... there's talks of a special web page and T-shirt run for the first 25 copies ... hopefully it will fly either way ...

Aidan, Seán & Lar

Friday, January 16, 2009

remix competition now OPEN!!

OK. We've just has word that the link to the ESH/Wolfgang remix competition is 'live' ... please check it out below .. it's a very smooth page.

Aidan, Seán & Lar

Monday, January 5, 2009

Kraftwerk fans ... proceed with extreme EXCITEMENT!

Dear Friends,

The synthpop scene requires a much needed shot in the arm .... and Empire State Human are happy to supply the shot!!
So proceed with extreme EXCITEMENT ... because starting next week and exclusively hosted by Laptop Rockers you can take part in remixing one of our new tracks "Melancholic Afro feat. Wolfgang Flür" (ex-Kraftwerk/Yamo).We're still dizzy that his synth legend actually graces one of our songs, so we hope you will be excited too.
In advance of the remix kit going live next week we've completed a special interview to help promote the remix competition.

Kind regards,Aidan, Séan & Lar
Empire State Human