Friday, November 28, 2008

"Radio No No" exclusive non album B-side

With the upcoming digital e-single release with Ninthwave Media of "Melancholic Afro", we were asked by Dave Richards to add a non album ("Audio Gothic") B-side on it.
"Radio No No" is the track we put forward, and it will grab many ears (yours included) on first listen to. It's a great modern dance instrumental with hypnotic electro pulses and steady rhythms, covered with speaking samples (from an Irish Radio Station intervew), great layering and certainly has a darker musical side to it.
We're very comfortable with all genres, styles and areas. I think we're becoming more and more like proper song writers, with every new album!
We were told a few months ago, that synth bands shouldn't record political songs (reference to our new song "Ghosts In America" from the new album), but then we thought about "Enola Gay" and "Tora! Tora! Tora!" and we felt we still wanted to ... lesson, don't take every bit of advice flung your way ... or else some of it will stick .. think for yourselves, and rely on your gut insticts .. it's a more natural process!!

Aidan, Seán & Lar

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We are the robots!

Dear Friends,

This is the Empire State Human official blog .. somewhere where we can add info on any new recordings, about our songs and music and our new releases (next up is our e-single "Melancholic Afro" feat. Wolfgang Flür from Kraftwerk fame ...)
The new album "Audio Gothic" is completed and awaiting Ninthwave's CD confirmed release date, which is probably going to be end of January/early February 2009. It's definately our best yet, and we hope it will open new opportunities and commercial doors for us .... time will tell!

We stopped recording for about 8 weeks after the album was mastered .. just after our successful live appearance at Retrofest in Scotland in August. We're hard at it again .. recording that is ... as with 2009 fast approaching, we'll be ten years together as a band and we want to celebrate this landmark by recording a very special album called "Mirrors". We'll explain more about this, when "Audio Gothic" is released.

Aidan, Seán & Lar