Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Search for Love" @ Amazon/promo flyer

Dear friends,

The new ESH single "Search for Love" has landed at
Peaking at # 4,752 ... not bad for the numerous digital releases out there!

Danny King at Eighty One Synth has created a very nice promo flyer for
"Search for Love". Feel free to copy and paste and print it off!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

ESH release brand new single "Search for Love"/new album started!


Search For Love - Empire State Human by ninthwaver

Empire State Human/Ninthwave Media are pleased to announce the Oct
23rd release date of
the brand new single “Search for Love”, by Ireland's leading synthpop
band Empire State Human. It's the first new release since 2009's album
"Audio Gothic", which featured Wolfgang Flur (of Kraftwerk fame) on
the track "Melancholic Afro" and it's also the bands 14th official
release since 2002's "Pop Robot" album.

Released through Ninthwave Media “Search for Love” is taken from the
forthcoming ESH album “The Art”, to be released in 2011.
"Search for Love" a lively, up-tempo, electro/synthpop slab of a song,
showcasing a more upfront pop production style and a new musical
direction for the band.

This is also the first new release since the departure of band member
Seán Barron in July.
ESH will continue as a duo, with original band members Aidan Casserly
and Lar Kiernan.

The 3 track single is backed by an exclusive b-side track called “The
Light” and also features the space themed track “Genesis Apollo” which
is the title track for an exclusive album of bonus material to be
included on the next studio album called “The Art”.

Here's a link to the promo video -

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Camera" live July 1st 2010

Dear friends,

We had a really enjoyable live return July 1st. Here's a little bootleg video for your pleasure ...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ESH live return this Thursday July 1st!

Dear Friends

After about 2+ years ESH return to the stage for a live performance this THursday (July 1s) at The Button Factory, with two Dublin synth bands Hayfield and Eden. Eden headline with the release of the new single "If I was a Pet Shop Boy" ... how cute eh? We go no at 8:40pm!

Here's the set list we'll be playing -


08 HI-FI

You'll notice we're playing "Under your Spell" .. this is a fab new version which we're really happy with. It's a moody song and hopefully won't go down like a lead balloon!! We're recording the gig onto digital camera so hopefully we may post a few vids on You Tube in the coming months ... yes, we do take our time ...

Aidan, Seán & Lar

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Audio Gothic" out today .. Amazon almost sold out!

Dear friends,

We're very happy to say that the new Empire State Human album "Audio Gothic" is released today, April 14th on Ninthwave Records. have informed us that the initial order is almost sold out (2 copies left) .. so, more are on the way as we type this ... to purchase a copy please use the following link -

The special limited edition verion (ESH T-shirt option .. especially designed by Aidan Casserly) ... is available via this link -

Kind regards,
Aidan, Seán & Lar
Empire State Human

Friday, April 3, 2009

pre-order success/back in the studio/10th Anniversary

Dear Friends,

We’ve had an incredible reaction to the new ESH album “Audio Gothic” .. it’s had our best pre-order ever and it’s 2nd on Ninthwave Records best ever pre-order list! Even beating Heaven 17! We’ve chuffed.
There will be two reviews/features coming in shortly, one for Electronic Rumours and the other for Analogue Trash, both in the UK. Side Line will also be interviewing, reviewing and featuring a banner advert too on it.
We will be pushing the hell of our this new (and best) ESH album in the coming months!! It deserves to big a very, very successful CD in our opinion, but we know that involves having a lot of luck. But you never know what can happen if lady luck is on your side …
It’s pre-order success has also inspired us to jump straight back in to our Electric Eye studio to begin the writing/recording of its follow up!!
We don’t want to say much, other than we’ve already a number of great new songs written and currently in production.
It took us 4 years between “Cycles” and “Audio Gothic”, but we don’t intend taking the same time out to complete a follow up. People do forget you, and when you’ve still got drive and ambition (and talent we hope!) that’s a big shame.
On July 15th, ESH celebrate 10 years in existance. We’d love to mark this landmark date in some way. We’ll have to discuss how with friends, fans and Ninthwave Records .. maybe a give away or something or indeed something more special .. we’ll see.
Maybe Ninthwave can send out a request to its fan-base and see what people want from us? Over to you Dave on that one …

Aidan, Seán & Lar
Empire State Human

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

pre-order "Audio Gothic" .. another bootleg video


Empire State Human/Ninthwave Records are delighted to announce the return of Ireland’s most productive band Empire State Human, with the April 14th release of the scintillating new album “Audio Gothic”. -

Limited edition (50 copies only) pre-ordered via -

Following the release of two digital albums in 2008 (“Popularity?” and “Rarity?”) “Audio Gothic” is clearly ESH’s strongest and most instantly memorable CD to date. A powerhouse of true electro-pop gems, each song backed by dynamic production and catchy melodies, it clearly show cases a cohesive new sound and sublime song-writing skills, by the bands creative nucleus of Aidan Casserly and Seán Barron. With stunning art work by Stig Olsen (current art guy for The Human League) and mastering by Idle Works Mastering.
Written and produced in the bands Electric Eye studio, “Audio Gothic” includes their recent e-single “Melancholic Afro”, which features ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür/Yamo. The title track features leading Irish vocalist Carol Keogh (Autamata) in the intro of the song. It’s sure to please existing ESH fans and attract new ones along the way.

Full track listing to “Audio Gothic”
“Audio Gothic”, “Camera”, “Ghosts In America”, “Leap Of Faith”, “Melancholic Afro” (feat. Wolfgang Flür/Yamo), “I Work For The Government”, “No Wires”, “Seeing Stars”, “Like Diamond” and “Sitting Solitude”.

Finally, with the completion of the "Melancholic Afro" remix competition at Laptop Rockers, there is a bootleg video up on You Tube of one of the remixes ... check it out at -

Aidan, Seán & Lar
Empire State Human