Friday, April 3, 2009

pre-order success/back in the studio/10th Anniversary

Dear Friends,

We’ve had an incredible reaction to the new ESH album “Audio Gothic” .. it’s had our best pre-order ever and it’s 2nd on Ninthwave Records best ever pre-order list! Even beating Heaven 17! We’ve chuffed.
There will be two reviews/features coming in shortly, one for Electronic Rumours and the other for Analogue Trash, both in the UK. Side Line will also be interviewing, reviewing and featuring a banner advert too on it.
We will be pushing the hell of our this new (and best) ESH album in the coming months!! It deserves to big a very, very successful CD in our opinion, but we know that involves having a lot of luck. But you never know what can happen if lady luck is on your side …
It’s pre-order success has also inspired us to jump straight back in to our Electric Eye studio to begin the writing/recording of its follow up!!
We don’t want to say much, other than we’ve already a number of great new songs written and currently in production.
It took us 4 years between “Cycles” and “Audio Gothic”, but we don’t intend taking the same time out to complete a follow up. People do forget you, and when you’ve still got drive and ambition (and talent we hope!) that’s a big shame.
On July 15th, ESH celebrate 10 years in existance. We’d love to mark this landmark date in some way. We’ll have to discuss how with friends, fans and Ninthwave Records .. maybe a give away or something or indeed something more special .. we’ll see.
Maybe Ninthwave can send out a request to its fan-base and see what people want from us? Over to you Dave on that one …

Aidan, Seán & Lar
Empire State Human

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