Saturday, December 20, 2008

Free Christmas EP anyone?

Ninthwave Records offer a humble little Christmas EP of fun electronic music. Best of all it is free!
A gift as a way of saying 'Thank You' this year....

The EP features two Empire State Human tracks "Christmas Angel" and "You Won't Be Coming Home?" which features Wave In Head on lead vocals/additional production.

If so moved (and you have any money left these days) after listening to these pleasant tunes, please consider donating to your favorite charity.

Thanks to Bobby Clark for his help.

PS- Please forward this to as many people as you care to.


saltyka said...

hello Aidan!

Thanks for the EP,it is really amazing good! I recommended it on my blog:)


Aidan Casserly said...


It's a lovely little EP .. I came up with the title "Hidden Treasures" as it's full of them!!!

Those ESH tracks dates from 2002/2003 respectively ...

Happy Christmas,