Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Probably our biggest FAN!!??

Dear friends,

Please check out this blog page -


It's the most complete and up to date archive of ESH around today. Thanks to the author, it looks very well ....
Happy Christmas to everyone .. here's to a great 2009 for all ..

Aidan, Seán & Lar


saltyka said...

hello Aidan, Seán & Lar,

thank you for your visit on my blog,and also thank you for your fantastic music,i really love it:)

Have a nice Christmas!


Aidan Casserly said...


It's a pleasure to read all the info and reviews etc. 10 years together in 2009 .. we're already back in the studio recording a special album called "Mirrors" of covers that influenced us to start ESH .. this album will follow "Audio Gothic" ...


saltyka said...

Great news Aidan!

I have just updated my blog with it,also i added the pages you recommended. Thanks again for everything!:)